If you like the style of work shown here and are interested in commissioning a painting please get in touch. Thanks very much for your interest.

Mobile: 0775 483 5825


  • Using my previous work as a guide, please have a look at my style of painting and the way I use and handle paint – this is the way I paint when I complete a commission. Because of this I don’t ‘adopt’ stylings for my commission work – for example photorealism, pure abstract and traditional watercolour styles will not be used.

    If you would like to commission a painting please contact me through my website, via email or by telephone.

    • Initially we will have a discussion to discover what you would like to be captured in your painting to kick off the project. I will then take you through my process in more detail, answering any questions you may have.
    • Once we’ve outlined the commission and agreed details including delivery requirements and any research * the initial sketch will be drawn up to provide a design and feel of the commission. Sometimes this can also involve a rough colour study. (Neither the drawing nor other preparatory pieces will be provided as part of the finished commission).
    • Payment:
      50% of the commission fee will be due upfront
      The remaining 50% of the fee is payable on completion **

* Research – Commissioned paintings are highly individual and specific to the individuals desires, requiring varying levels of research which can also include travel. As such any travel or research expenses will be agreed in the initial phases of the project.

** Delivery & shipping methods will be agreed in the initial phases of the project and included in the final commission price.

Listed prices and canvas sizes should be used as a guide only, I will work with you to find out what will suit your project best.

 Smaller size paintings
 Size  Price
 16×16 or smaller  £500
 20×14 or smaller  £500
 Medium size paintings
 Size  Price
 20×16  £550
 24×18  £750
 28×22  £1,050
 32×24  £1,300
 36×28  £1,700
 42×32  £2,250
 Largest size paintings
 Size  Price
 48×36  £2,750
 48×48  £3,750

Please also note – if travel and other research is needed then we’ll need to agree this as possible additions to the fee. This is often highly individual and specific to the commission – this can be discussed and agreed early on in the process.